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Zaftig’s Deli Corner

Deli Corner

Zaftig’s Deli Corner

Host Station

Zaftig’s Host

Bar Area

Zaftig’s Bar

Banquet Area

Zaftig’s Dining


Zaftigs Delicatessen West

A second Zaftigs Delicatessen has transformed a former deli in Natick, Massachusetts into a vibrant new business.

Project Overview

Finishes reference traditional New York deli colors while adding contemporary appeal. The waxed wide-board wood flooring and ribbed glass echo the first Zaftigs. The combination of custom painted artwork and vintage pieces support the deli theme.

The former entry and office have been reworked to improve circulation in the deli/retail area and at the host station. An intrusive glass block wall was replaced by a bar/dining counter that opens up the view to the dining area. Existing seating was reupholstered for a warmer look. The design has received rave reviews from Zaftigs fans and customers of the former deli alike.