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Zaftig’s Exterior

Zaftig’s Exterior

Zaftig’s Entry

Zaftig’s Dining

Zaftig’s Dining


Zaftigs Delicatessen

This project is the fulfillment of the client’s longtime dream to own a New York style delicatessen, and is now well into its second decade in a bustling neighborhood in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Project Overview

Finish selection strove to combine tradition with contemporary appeal. The previous occupant’s worn carpet has been replaced by waxed wide-board wood flooring that has aged beautifully. The custom painted and rubbed finishes add to the ambience. Custom metalwork highlights the project’s identity.

Banquettes and booths are arranged for sociability and ease of service and are upholstered in durable contemporary fabrics. Custom artwork – some of it featuring the owner’s family and the restaurant itself - brightens the walls.

Wood window blinds adjust to changing sun angles during the day and allow views into the restaurant at night. Signage was designed to meet rigorous local requirements.