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Appetito II Entry

Appetito II

Appetito II

Appetito II
Host Station

Appetito II
Signage Model

Appetito II

Appetito II
Floor Plan


Appetito II

This 120-seat restaurant in a historic building won the ASID New England/Boston Magazine Design Excellence Award for Hospitality Design.

Project Overview

The lively colors and inviting textures of this contemporary Italian restaurant quickly made it both a destination and a neighborhood favorite.

The layout makes the most of the triangular space with a dramatic entry mural and distinctive host station. The bartop opposite has been given a custom finish. The bottles stored above glow in sunlight by day and highlight views into the restaurant at night.

The building’s brick walls have been exposed, adding color, texture, and historic detail to the space. A model facilitated approval of the signage design by the local historic commission.

The design reuses materials sustainably, which also benefits the client’s budget. Soffits are added to the existing ceiling to delineate seating areas. Existing furniture is reconfigured around new banquettes and booths.

The existing kitchen has been expanded to include a wood-fired oven, and separated from the dining area by a serving counter and soffit. Bare steel columns are covered in fire-resistant drywall and painted.